Erotic Art & Comics

About Mitru


I’m a Digital Artist who is mainly working for HIPcomix and MCComix. But I’m also do special works under commission for any other websites and particulars and I’ve recently open a comic store on my own.

I’m an active collaborator of some 3D/Digital artist communities  and magazines as well. I ever seek to grow up as artist and I’m always open minded to new and exciting experiences. New programs, new techniques, I’m now working on Octane Render Engine 3.0 for Poser and reading some books about hand-painting in Photoshop to improve my hand paiting techniques. I’m trying to migrate to DAZ studio 4 also to work with the new Genesis 3 figures but I lack of the needed time at this moment to do it keeping my quality standards… but that’s something I’ve in sight.

Actually, I’m using Poser 11 Pro as main tool for my artwork, but doing post-work on the 3d Pictures, my artwork is now focused in the Damsel in Peril style pictures, light bondage and erotic and porn comics, cause they’re the main themes of the websites where I’m working at this moment. However I’m always seeking to enchance my horizons to more common comic’s standards. Most of my recent creations are more focused in classic action and peril than erotic/ porn scenes.

I’m a great fan of every kind of fantasy,scifi and action comic, erotic or not. From classic comic artists to the newest ones, I’ve recently discovered Stjepan Sejic comic art and I’m amazed of his superb quality artwork.

I’ve been working with Max Hass, 20 Eyes and L’Espion as a writers of some of my on going comic series, but I’m always open to another collaborations  for future comics. I also accept every suggestion and opinion about my on going comic series or new ones.

If you have some ideas, want to contact me or simply take a brief talk, go to :  @MITRU COMIX CONTACT ZONE@