Scorpion Woman – The Sting of the Scorpion Woman #17

Hello folks! Here we’re with a new comic of Scorpion Woman in “Sting of the Scorpion Woman”

“You did a great job fixing my costume…You’re very skilled…” said Scorpion Woman in gratitude and admiration….
as she looked at her restored black sticky leotard…which was torn and tattered while she was being tortured by Romanoff and her Russian criminal friends.
“Sort of a thing I do…I’m pretty good with fixing things…Passes the time…especially when I got no friends to hang with” said Trey with sadness in his voice again…
making Michelle’s large pink nipples stiffen under her black sticky leotard. “I wouldn’t say that Trey…You have one friend standing right in front of you…”
said Scorpion Woman as she stepped closer to the teenager.

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