Tigress of India – Powerless in Punjab #1

Hello folks! Here we’re with a new adventure of Tigress of India in “Powerless in Punjab”…

Bombay 1940, 11 pm.

Major Gavin Stewart sifted through a mountain of paperwork on his desk at British Intelligence Headquarters.
Everyone had gone home for the night, including Stewart’s boss, Colonel Roger McDonald and his hard-working secretary Diala Singh.
To everyone at Intelligence…Diala was a hardworking secretary..who paid little attention to her outward appearance..dressing in drab coloured,
baggy blouses and long skirts..her jet black hair always tied atop her head..wearing large rimmed glasses on her face.
Though he had a reputation as one of the best intelligence officers in India…with several decorations for bravery from His Majesty the King..
until recently Gavin found out that his boss’ dowdy-looking secretary had a secret.

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