Tigress of India – Rise of the Tiger Girl #4

Hello folks!

Here we’re with a new update of Tigress of India in “Rise of the Tiger Girl”…

Under the cover of a moonless sky…the shapely silhouette of the buxom teenage heroine called Tiger Girl..
moved swiftly..leaping effortlessly from one rooftop to another..until she reached her destination..
the high walled mansion of her uncle…Lord Aban. She spotted the light on in his study and decided this was the place to make her entry.

Lord Aban was sipping a cup of tea..when the masked maiden entered the study via the open balcony.
“You!..You must be Tiger Girl!” he said with surprise. He paid attention to her curvaceous, muscular brown body..
especially her well rounded firm breasts..covered only at the nipples and areolas with tiger pelt patches..as she walked slowly towards him…
her teenage cleavage swaying freely from side to side as she walked.

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