Tomb Hunter Larra Court – The Beginning #13

Greetings everyone! Here we’re with a huge update of LARRA COURT’s comic adventures…

Larra ran back the way she had come. Right behind her were the four other members of her expedition. The thick smoke and confusion caused by the fire had made their escape amazingly easy. While the Italian garrison rushed this way and that in the confusion they had made their way around the edge of the camp and onto the path that they had been for–d to walk down a few hours ago.

It would a disappointing ending to her first archeological adventure, but she had no choice. She certainly couldn’t go up against a hundred or so heavily armed men, and she certainly couldn’t expect her companions to face such danger. None of them had any military training except for Blakely and he hadn’t been in uniform since 1918… But things were about to get much worse!

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